[ How to ] Get Inspired to Create A Wedding Website

Technology is inspiring culture shifts, and that includes how we talk about our weddings. Today’s couples are using many different ways to share their announcement, engagement photos, and now everybody has a wedding website or Facebook page to let everyone know what’s going on.  You could even create a private group on Minigroup, so your wedding info isn’t on Facebook.  

There are many ways to do a wedding website.  Today’s blog is about highlighting some of the real sites that are being used today by real couples.   The Dessy Group has created a way for folks to nominate wedding websites to appear on this site, which happens to show not only one site, but the best of all the sites that provide this capability.

So, head on over to The Perfect Couple to browse through real wedding websites that couples are using to share the information about the big day.  Which website are you using?  Please comment below, so we know what our readers are using!  Thanks for reading and we hope this helps you determine where and how to share your wedding details.

[ the perfect couple

[ Event ] Introducing the Breckenridge Bridal Bash! Wedding Planning Expo + Venue Tours: June 1-3, 2012 //

We are helping plan the inaugral Breckenridge Bridal Bash, sponsored by the team at the Breckenridge Resort Chamber.  For twenty-five bucks, it’s a great deal.  You’ll have a chance to meet local wedding pros, tour venues and plan your dream wedding in the Rocky Mountains.  

This event will start on a Friday, continue with a full-day of activities on Saturday, and conclude on Sunday.  Please see the itinerary below, and please mention this blog post when contacting Angela for more information!  She’d love to hear that brides really do read wedding blogs.  Thanks! 

[ Event ] Introducing the Breckenridge Bridal Bash! Wedding Planning Expo + Venue Tours //  Photo[www.MarianneBrownPhotography.net]

Photo Courtesy of Marianne Brown Photography

Hosted by GoBreck.com

 [ breckenridge bridal bash

 June 1-3, 2012


Bride + 1 Guest


Lodging provided By:
Beaver Run
BlueSky Lodge
Doubletree by Hilton
Main Street Station
The Lodge and Spa at Breckenridge
The Village at Breckenridge

Call 866.683.6409 to receive special lodging rates


Friday, June 1st

4:30 pm – 6:00 pm:
Registration and Welcome Reception Hosted at Mi Casa Mexican Restaurant and Cantina

6:00 pm – 9:00 pm – Taste of Town:
Explore the Breckenridge Main Street Area on foot with a sampling of our local cuisine by participating restaurants which will provide you with, tastings, discounts and specials. A great time to explore different venues for your rehearsal dinner, intimate family gathering or welcome reception for your special day!

Saturday, June 2nd

9:00 am -12:30 pm Wedding Expo at The Riverwalk Center. A unique opportunity to meet and talk with the local wedding vendors and industry experts that make Breckenridge the Colorado Wedding Destination of Choice! Our Vendors have been in the wedding industry for many years and each work very well with the other helping you create a seamless event. Vendors include Catering, Photography, Flowers, Wedding Planning, Hair & Make-up, Spa Services, Transportation Services, Event Rentals and more!

Educational Sessions will be held throughout the morning.  Presented by our industry leaders, you will receive the tips, trade secrets and tools to make planning your Breckenridge Wedding an enjoyable success!

12:30 – 1:00 pm – Lunch:
Box Lunches will be provided

1:00 pm – 5:00 pm – Site Tours:
Choose your own route. Sit back and relax while shuttles drive you around town to explore everything Breckenridge has to offer from Private Homes, Full Service Resorts, Mountain Lodges to Unique Outdoor Venues.

6:00 pm – Cocktail Hour hosted at Mountain Thunder Lodge

7:00 pm – Taste of Town:
You’ll get to once again explore the Main Street Area and cuisine. Great opportunity to visit a few of the restaurants and shops you may have missed on Friday. Tip: Invite a local industry professional to join you. Great opportunity for one-on-one discussion about Breckenridge and all we have to offer!

Sunday, June 3rd

No information was on the website as of this post, so we will post again,  as this information becomes available.  Something’s not finalized.  We have a meeting the day of this posting, so perhaps a part two will come about!

I’ve started a discussion thread for questions about this event.  Let us know how we can help!  Click here to go to the forum.  

For More Information Please Contact
Angela Wirth awirth@gobreck.com or call 866.683.6409.

{ Real Mountain Wedding } Lilia + Paul in Breckenridge, Colorado. Ceremony at St. Mary’s Catholic Church and Reception at Beaver Run.

Lilia and Paul were married in the “old” side of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Breckenridge, went up to the slopes on Peak 9 to take a few photos and some video, and then concluded the evening dancing away in the Imperial Ballroom at the Beaver Run Resort and Conference Center.  

This video is courtesy of Tim Sparks, and looks like the crew at the Spark Bros. Media is responsible for the wonderful imagery you’re about to see.  Tell Tim you found him on our wedding blog, and get a special offer!  

[ sparks bros ]              Facebook               Twitter               Youtube               Vimeo

Tim and Daniel Sparks started the business in early 2010 and have been filming weddings ever since. Recently Tim has been putting together an “A-Team” of wedding film makers.

Sparks Bros Media prides themselves in being the best videographers in Colorado. Their experience combined has earned the ‘Best of Festival’ award in multiple film festivals for short films, an Emmy win and nomination for videography and each with their own bachelors degree including film school at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Please read through the short bio’s of each team member on the website to learn more about them.
Sparks Bros Media services all of Colorado but has focused on mountain weddings and the Denver area. They will also travel anywhere else if travel costs are provided for. 
You know that your wedding film is in the right hands with Sparks Bros Media as they strive to create a true cinematic experience.”

[Groom-er] Online Audience Follows Real-time Proposal Shared on Instagram and Twitter. #mikeproposes

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of technology.  We share lots of photos through our various platforms, and you can see us live-posting from events around Breckenridge, Summit County and the Vail Valley.  But, today’s post is about a guy from Winnepeg who tweeted as his proposal unfolded.  His girlfriend had no clue that an online audience followed.  He started by letting his twitter followers in on the deal with this tweet: “Tomorrow I’m proposing to my girlfriend. I’ll be using the hashtag. Follow along! ”   

[Groom-er] Online Audience Follows Real-time Proposal Shared on Instagram and Twitter. #MikeProposes

 According to an an online article from The Next Web, he took his girlfriend on a 12-hour date, involving 8 different locations, each with a special meaning.  Without her knowing, he had brought the entire Twitterverse along with them for the ride. According to the Winnipeg Sun, he also gained hundreds of followers in the process.” 

[Groom-er] Online Audience Follows Real-time Proposal Shared on Instagram and Twitter. #MikeProposes

 We love the creativity of today’s guys and how they’re using social technologies to have fun with their proposals and weddings.  It’s a great way to add an element to a great story that did not exist a few years ago.  With guys like this setting the bar, what’s next?  A great summary of tweets can be seen on Storify by clicking here.    

[Groom-er] Online Audience Follows Real-time Proposal Shared on Instagram and Twitter. #MikeProposes

[How To] Create Chocolate Millenium Falcons and Disco Ball Helmets. Groom-er Diy Projects.

We keep hearing from our brides and clients that the guys are really getting into contributing towards the wedding.  In their own way, of course.  While many stare into space while discussing all the different flower options, others jump at the chance to let their style, taste and preferences known.  We encourage the brides, sisters, planners and families reading this blog to show the guys the articles we’re writing with the Groom in mind.

Click here and you’ll be taken to our Groom-er board on our Pinterest page.  There you’ll see lots of style options for dressing up the guys, and even a few DIY projects that I just had to throw in there.  Even if all you get is a good laugh, my job is done.  I want to make your destination wedding planning fun, and that includes looking at sometimes hilarious, yet very doable, DIY projects.   

[How To] Create a Disco Ball Helmet for your Bride-to-be.  A Groom-er DIY project.

If you’re planning a winter wedding for next season, then you’ll have plenty of time to get the materials to create something spectacular and fun for your bride-to-be to wear around the slopes.  Perhaps you both have’em and hire a photographer to do an adventure photo session sometime before the wedding, or even on the day of the wedding.  It’s up to you.  We think it would be a interesting way to make the day that much more fun!  Click on the image to go to the pin that links to the article.

[Groom-er] How To Make Chocolate Millenium Falcons For Your Wedding Favors

And yes, they’ll melt in your Han Solo (sorry, had to), but these chocolate Millenium Falcons could be just the way to personalize one of the gatherings.  They could be tested out at a weekend grilling party, and then created the week of the wedding to be used at the rehearsal dinner, instead of a groom’s cake, or even at the wedding, as favors.

[How To] Create Chocolate Millenium Falcons and Disco Ball Helmets. Groom-er DIY projects.

One last piece of advice.  Don’t let any trend articles scare you away from what you want to have at your wedding.  Those are only opinions of what’s in and out.  Who cares.  There are no rules anymore.  What’s most important is to find your own style, showcase your quirks and have fun with your idiosyncrasies as individuals, and that includes showing to your friends and family that the force will be with you, always.