5 Tips for Using Hashtags at Weddings

At Summit Mountain Weddings we like to keep our followers up on the current details of wedding in the area through our blog and now our very own Instagram page! If you attend a wedding in Summit County this summer, use the hashtag #breckwedding or if you not actually in Breck but close (like Keystone, Copper, Vail, Beaver Creek, etc.) use our handle @breckweddings. We would love to share your pictures on our Instagram and possibly on our blog!

Photos by Andrea Parnell 

5 Tips for using hashtags at weddings - photos by Andrea Parnell

  1. Never post a picture of the bride in her dress before the ceremony.  You might chance the groom seeing his bride before the ceremony, which is a wedding faux pas.
  2. Include the bride and grooms “handles” when you post.  This is their Instagram profile name with the @ symbol in front of it. This will allow them to see it as soon as you post.
  3. Let the photographer, DJ, and other vendors know about the hashtag.  They will probably be taking pictures throughout the event, and when everyone tags their photos using the hashtag, you’ll get to see many different photography styles, angles and perspectives from the evening.
  4. Keep it classy. The hashtag creates your very own virtual wedding album and that means anyone could see it,  including grandma and grandpa.
  5.  Let guests know the hashtag.  Don’t forget to tell your guests to use the #breckweddings hashtag at your wedding so that you can be featured on our blog or Instagram page.

5 Tips for using hashtags at weddings - photos by Andrea Parnell

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[planning Tip] Have A Back Up Plan for Any Outdoor Portions of Your Destination Wedding

If there’s anything I want to share one thing over and over again when it comes to mountain weddings is to “Have a back up plan for any outdoor portions of your destination wedding.”  More than likely it will rain.  And get windy.  So, to keep guests comfortable, it helps to plan ahead and have some protection from the elements in place, like a tent.  Those can be rented and customized with lighting and heaters and matching decor.

The second option is to have an alternate location for an outdoor ceremony if it were to be a downpour.  If you can be flexible, just let the rain do its thing and move on.  Colorado storms move fairly quickly and can be sunny in about an hour or so.  Extend cocktail hour until there’s a break in the weather, or just use your inside alternative and keep the party on schedule.  It’s really a discussion between production staff like caterers and others who have time-sensitive products and services.

Please contact us to learn more about making sure you’re covered when it comes to mountain weather, temporary event rentals like tents,  and what you’re up to.  We’ve worked in a lot of different venues and know them better than most.

[Planning Tip] Have a back up plan for any outdoor portions of your destination wedding

Why Choose A Destination Wedding? Tips and Advice From Invitation Designer Stephanie Mckean of Pier 9 Designs. [guest Blog]

Why choose a Destination Wedding?  When my husband and I first starting planning our wedding and the idea of having a destination wedding came to mind, we immediately started thinking about the expense.  So then our thoughts went back to thinking about a traditional wedding.   Hmmm….  This really got us to thinking.  We knew we wanted to go Maui, Hawaii for our honeymoon.  That was part of our wedding expense too.  Right?  In 2006, being a destination bride was such an amazing experience and the unbelievable memories will always be a cherished.   We still enjoy looking at our photos and all the memorabilia.

Stephanie McKean - Pier 9 Designs ]

Why choose a Destination Wedding?  Tips and advice from invitation designer Stephanie McKean of Pier 9 Designs. [Guest Blog]

Planning a successful Destination Wedding can be so fun and the possibilities are endless of what you can do.  A successful Destination Wedding needs a trusted and experienced wedding coordinator at the destination but also a reputable and trusted company to design your entire wedding invitation package.  Pier 9 will help you maximize the number of guests in attendance and embark them on a visual vacation through Pier 9’s custom designs in wedding stationery such as:

    • “Save the Date” cards - SO IMPORTANT!  Sent 8 months to 1 year in advance to ensure guests have ample time to make travel arrangements and budget for your special day.
    • Accommodations - Notify guests of accommodations closest to the wedding site. Include any discount coupon codes that may apply.
    • Pre-wedding Activities - Notify your guests of any pre-wedding activities taking place that you’d like them to plan their flights around. In my case, it was a Hawaiian Luau the night before the wedding.  Yours might be a sunset dinner overlooking the snow-capped mountains.

[ Stephanie McKean - Pier 9 Designs ]

    • Invitations - Have fun with your invitations by playing up on the location in an elegant way. Use the cool colors of the island or the earth tones of the mountains or stationery designed as a travel passport or round-trip ticket.
    • Directions and Maps – Traveling can be a little stressful.  Put your guests at ease by including a custom -designed map of the best route from the airport to the wedding site.
    • Other Activities – It’s very likely your guests will extend their stay turning it into their own vacation getaway. Maximize their experience by including a well designed postcard of the most popular must- see attractions.

Why choose a Destination Wedding?  Tips and advice from invitation designer Stephanie McKean of Pier 9 Designs. [Guest Blog]

    • Requested Attire – Often times when we travel, we think casual attire. If it’s important to you that your guests dress in a certain fashion for the venue or activity, be sure to include such terms on your correspondence.
    • Welcome Home Reception – Planning a reception party after you arrive home? Be sure to include this on your invitation. For a more formal event, create a separate invitation. Most brides would love to have all their family and friends attend their special day.  With Destination Weddings, many guests simply can’t attend. A Welcome Home reception is a perfect way for those guests to feel special knowing they too can enjoy your wedding celebration.
    • Thank-You Cards – I’m in love with creating two versions of Thank You cards for Destination Weddings.  For those guests who traveled the distance we can include wedding photographs of you and them at the wedding. Or create a custom designed CD case and burn wedding images of your guests from the event.
    • Pocket fold invitations are a great way to mail and present all these pieces together in a clean format.

Destination weddings are unique by nature.  Make sure your wedding stationary package follows suit.  Pier 9 allows you to arrive at your dream destination knowing that you have covered all key points.  For more ideas and inspiration, contact Pier 9 Graphic Design today for a free consultation and together we’ll set sail your dream wedding.  Please mention “Pier 9 on Summit Mountain Weddings”  and refer to this blog post when contacting us, thanks!

Why choose a Destination Wedding?  Tips and advice from invitation designer Stephanie McKean of Pier 9 Designs. [Guest Blog]

Pier 9 Graphic Design | Stephanie McKean | P. 303.775.9442 | smckean@pier9design.com | www.pier9design.com

How to Create A Secret Board on Pinterest and Keep Your Wedding Details Private

Pinterest?  Hopefully by now, you have signed up for Pinterest and have started finding inspiration for your next home, the kitchen and even your furry friend.  But, how do you pin ideas for your wedding without giving everything away?  Well, there are now, shhhh, secret boards.  Yep, they just released access to three boards that you can use for anything you don’t want your followers to see.  So, that means while you have your family helping you with your reception decor, you can now privately plan your bachelorette party, or anything else you’d rather not broadcast to mom and other sets of eyes.  

[How To] Create a Secret Board on Pinterest and Keep Your Wedding Details Private

We just checked out some tools that are used to measure Pinterest, and since we’ve started pinning, our followers have “liked” over 1,000 of our pins, and have “repinned” those pins over 6,000 times.  We hope you’ll check us out over there, and when you’re ready to talk wedding plans, details that you know, could be stealth, let us know.  Until then, repin and like away!

Bridal Bouquet: Hydrangea and Seeded Eucalyptus |  Brian Kraft Photography 

One of our most popular bouquets, has been repinned 32 times from our pinboard dedicated to just our bridal bouquets!  Here is the link to the pin of the image above: Bridal Bouquet: Hydrangea and Seeded Eucalyptus |  Brian Kraft Photography

So, just how do you repin that blue beauty and keep it a secret?  Well, here’s how you can keep a private board.

    1. Login to Pinterest.  Do your thing.  I like to login via Twitter, in case you wondered.
    2. Scroll down on your boards page and look for the secret boards.  Click create.
    3. Name your board, select the category, and make sure the setting for private is ON.
    4. Invite co-conspirators, I mean collaborators via email or Pinterest username.
    5. Click create board and you’re done.  Your secret board is now set up.  Pin away!

You can now invite your wedding vendors, and other confidants in your event design details.

[How To] Create a Secret Board on Pinterest and Keep Your Wedding Details Private

We are also building on a centerpiece pinboard, for example this centerpiece for  a wedding at Copper Mountain which is tall-clean-and-simple, yet has some drama going on.  The bride and groom rented this piece, and had us come back to retrieve them after the wedding, saving them time and energy. 

Manzanita branches in tall cylinder vases.

 So, to check out more blogs that we’ve pinned, go right here.  There will be more blogs coming to this board, so it’s a good one to watch.  I’ve also put together a venues board, as we’re always getting asked about different places to get married, which ones do receptions too, and so on.  Everyone wedding is different, and each venue has its own quirks and issues.  But, one will be right for you.  Which one?  Well, decide for yourself, or let us help you pick.  

[How To] Create a Secret Board on Pinterest and Keep Your Wedding Details Private

So, whether you’re checking out venues, or DIY projects, you’ll want to head over to our Pinterest boards to see what’s on there.  And, the best part now is that you can keep it secret.  On Pinterest anyway.  You can’t guarantee everybody’s mouth will keep shut, right?  Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks for reading! 

The Winter Begins in Breckenridge, Colorado

Everyday I see the eager beavers and die hards walk by carrying their skis, their boards, some wearing brand new gear, while other gear is old and tattered.  I say good for them.  I’ve gone up early season in years past, and probably will be soon (just to get the legs back), but take my time these days.  

I’m patient to watch the snow come in naturally.  I even spent many nights, creating eyelash icicles as a snowmaker at the Breckenridge Ski Resort.  It’s a cold, hard job, and I know there are guys going out there tonight to do that.  Nowadays, I let the youngins take care of that.  We are working on bringing on new planning help, as we’re already booking jobs for this winter and next summer, so no, it’s not too late to get in touch and see what we can do for you.

The Winter Begins in Breckenridge, Colorado |  Photos by Stacy Sanchez

I took this image on my rounds around town earlier today.  This was on the lower slopes of Peak 9 in Breck.

The Winter Begins in Breckenridge, Colorado |  Photos by Stacy Sanchez

Pay parking is now in effect, so make sure to cough up the dough, or you’ll find a nice orange ticket waiting for you.  If you’re planning a trip anytime soon to Breckenridge, please visit the town’s website to learn all about the fun stuff like parking, event considerations and anything within town limits.

The Winter Begins in Breckenridge, Colorado |  Photos by Stacy Sanchez

The shop’s are stocked with this year’s crop of mandatory t-shirts and have even hung the lights.  Now, all we need is snow.  So, you, yes you, get up and dance, or at the very least, give a little wiggle that will count towards  a snow dance, and we’ll all be having our winter wonderland exeperiences very soon.  Thanks for reading (and snowdancing)!

The Winter Begins in Breckenridge, Colorado |  Photos by Stacy Sanchez

Alpenglow on Mt. Baldy